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Silver Version 5.0 Build 1044 (2001)
Audio Player Digital Disk-Jockey (DJ) 


PCDJ is a freeware audio mixing software by Visiosonic. It allows the user to mix two MP3 audio files together using a virtual mixer user interface - to emulate the role of a DJ. The software features basic controls found on a mixer such as a Crossfade, Pitch, Gain and Cue.

This release is a minor build of the silver edition of the software which is free to use, however it can be upgraded to PCDJ Red by purchasing a valid license.


Software Name: PCDJ
Software Version: Silver Version 5.0 Build 1044
Release Year: 2001
Developer: Visiosonic Ltd.
Publisher: Visiosonic Ltd.
License Type: Freeware 
Installation Method: Install to Local Disk

System Requirements

Below are the system requirements (sometimes referred to as the minimum system requirements) that the software developer or publisher stated at the time of release.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition (SE) 
Processor: --
Processor Speed: --
System Memory: --
Graphics Requirement: --
Graphics Resolution: 800 x 600
Hard Disk Space Required: 5 MB
Network Requirements: Not required
Input Devices: Keyboard,Mouse
Sound: Speakers
Disk Drive Requirements: No disk required for operation
Additional Software Required: None
Other Requirements: None

Compatibility Table

Below is a compatiblity table. This table states what operating systems the software can be run upon.

Operating SystemVersion/EditionStatusDateNotes
 Microsoft Windows 3.0
 Microsoft Windows 3.1
 Microsoft Windows 3.11
 Microsoft Windows NT 3.5
 Microsoft Windows 95
 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
 Microsoft Windows 98
 Microsoft Windows 2000
 Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
 Microsoft Windows XP
 Microsoft Windows Vista
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