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2.00 (1995)
Web Browser Country of Origin - USA 
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Netcom NetCruiser is an internet browsing package from 1995, released by the ISP Netcom On-Line Communications Services Inc. This version is restricted to American and Canadian customers only. The software supposibly also includes the basic features of most browser packages of the time - bookmarks, mail, multimedia and chat services; however none of these features can be confirmed due to the software being in a state of permenant redundancy.

Editors Thoughts...

NetCruiser is the internet package provided by ISP Netcom, a now defunct/rebranded ISP whose heyday was in the mid 90s. To begin with it provided only those in the USA, then later Canada and then after that the UK. The software is very similar to other 'internet packages' of the time (1995) such as NetScape and AOL - it not only incorporated a web browsing experience (or surfing as it was termed way back when) but also included features such as a built in mail client. Sadly, when I ran this software I struggled for a few hours trying to get it to work. The install went smoothly in a Windows 2000 Professional virtual environment, however like most internet packages of the time, users were prompted for credentials before they could go off and look at web pages. Sadly these old browsers struggle wit the virtual networking setup of VMWare, and blindly attempt to look for modems in which to dial-up. I haven't been able to try this on a physical box, with a 56K modem - but even if I did, I would highly doubt any connection would be made. There is the option to create an account, but it seems restricted to the US and Canada (most probably because the UK wasn't provided until 1996, a year later).

Even still, I highly doubt the 'subscription hotline' still works. Sadly the software is nearly completely useless, seeing as there isn't a way to by pass the login stage. Very little is given away to the user - as in what the software can actually do - as the starting page (login-screen) only has a few menu buttons most of which configure application settings, open help documentation or exit the program. There isn't much documentation around regarding NetCruiser either, unlike say NetScape; just one book called Web Browsing with Netcom Netcruiser published by Prima Online, author Pat McGregor.


Software Name: Netcom NetCruiser
Software Version: 2.00
Release Year: 1995
Developer: Netcom On-Line Communication Services, Inc.
Publisher: Netcom On-Line Communication Services, Inc.
License Type: Freeware 
Installation Method: Install to Local Disk

System Requirements

Below are the system requirements (sometimes referred to as the minimum system requirements) that the software developer or publisher stated at the time of release.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95 
Processor: --
Processor Speed: --
System Memory: --
Graphics Requirement: --
Graphics Resolution: --
Hard Disk Space Required: --
Network Requirements: Modem
Input Devices: Keyboard,Mouse
Sound: --
Disk Drive Requirements: No disk required for operation
Additional Software Required: --
Other Requirements: Netcom Account

Compatibility Table

Below is a compatiblity table. This table states what operating systems the software can be run upon.

Operating SystemVersion/EditionStatusDateNotes
 Microsoft Windows 3.0
 Microsoft Windows 3.1
 Microsoft Windows 3.11
 Microsoft Windows NT 3.5
 Microsoft Windows 95
 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
 Microsoft Windows 98
 Microsoft Windows 2000
 Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
 Microsoft Windows XP
 Microsoft Windows Vista
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