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Welcome to Computer Legacy

Hello world!

Computer Legacy is an on-going personal project of mine to document as many items of Microsoft Windows software pre-2010 as possible for the enjoyment and education of others.

The website and project has existed in one form or another for nearly 10 years now, however with some heavy restructuring and a clearer goal set for this project I hope this website will take off and become a valuable resource to those interested in vintage, retro, old and legacy computing such as my self

How To Use This Website

At the moment the website is very basic. You can access all areas of the database using the side-bar. From here you can browse software entries via different attributes

A search feature will be introduced later.

What To Expect?

At the moment this website is run by one person, so new content takes time to create and author. However there are intentions to open the website up to other contributors in the future.

This project aims to provide concise and yet accurate information about various items of software (commercial, shareware, freeware, open source, abanondware, vaporware) for Windows based systems, with a focus on software from Windows 3.1 to Windows Vista, with a release date cut off of 12th December 2009. There may also be listings on this website for Microsoft DOS software, which are accepted under the pretense that most DOS software can function within operating systems as late as Windows XP.

Each "entry" in the database should provide at least the following:

Some entries may also feature:
  • Extended descriptions of their operation
  • Compatibility issues/fixes
  • Most of the software found on this website can be found on physical media or via "official" channels such as public vendor FTP sites.

    The website currently does not provide downloads of the software listed (including shareware, freeware and/or abanondware) - however all items are archived for prosperity.