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2.0 (1998)
2D Video Game Arcade Video Game Country of Origin - USA Shoot  


Botz is a top-down 2D shooter arcade game in which you control a robot around a maze, attempting to clear all enemies in each level. The included Botz.hlp file has the following description for the game:

Botz is a game of skill and knowledge.  While every game you play is different, some things do stay the same.  Each garden is laid out the same every time you play, but how ‘Botz’ move is different.  So every time you play you will learn just a bit more about the Gardens of Zardonia and the notorious ‘Botz’ who live there.

When you enter a new garden, it is a good idea to learn the terrain.  This will help when there are ‘Botz’ everywhere and you need a Garden Treasure or a spot to hide in.

The object of Botz is to score as many points as you can.  You do this by clearing gardens full of ‘Botz’ that disappear when you hit them with paint balls.

Once you clear a garden, you get a promotion from headquarters and assigned a new mission in another garden.  When you reach the highest rank of  General, you are assigned to the ‘Wild Lands’ where things become, shall we say, quite interesting?



Software Name: Botz
Software Version: 2.0
Release Year: 1998
Developer: Sheldon D. Densmore
Publisher: WinGames.Inc
License Type: Shareware 
Installation Method: Install to Local Disk

System Requirements

Below are the system requirements (sometimes referred to as the minimum system requirements) that the software developer or publisher stated at the time of release.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95 
Processor: --
Processor Speed: --
System Memory: --
Graphics Requirement: --
Graphics Resolution: --
Hard Disk Space Required: --
Network Requirements: Not Required
Input Devices: Keyboard
Sound: Soundcard,Speakers
Disk Drive Requirements: No disk required for operation
Additional Software Required: --
Other Requirements: --

Compatibility Table

Below is a compatiblity table. This table states what operating systems the software can be run upon.

Operating SystemVersion/EditionStatusDateNotes
 Microsoft Windows 3.0
 Microsoft Windows 3.1
 Microsoft Windows 3.11
 Microsoft Windows NT 3.5
 Microsoft Windows 95
 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
 Microsoft Windows 98
 Microsoft Windows 2000
 Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
 Microsoft Windows XP
 Microsoft Windows Vista
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