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1.0 (1996)
2D Video Game Country of Origin - USA Pinball Video Game 


Moraff's Pinball for Windows 95 is a 2D pinball game. This version is the shareware edition, it only features 3 tables to play and two exit nag screens.

The packaged DESCRIPT.TXT file contains the following description:

Moraff's Pinball is by far the most classy implementation ever of a computer pinball game. The shareware version comes with at least 2 machines, and is a must have for pinball players. It's extremely high-res machines are great fun and contain many flippers and bumpers!

This great game has the following features:
Version 1.0:

  1. Great 3D ray-traced graphics!
  2. Pinball machines are built onto dazzling photographic backdrops!
  3. Play up to 5 balls at one time!
  4. High-scores are kept for each machine!
  5. You can change the background image to your own pictures!
  6. Slick 'Moraff' popup menu system for full screen play!
  7. Excellent music is provided, or play your own midi music files!
  8. Cool sound effects!
  9. Real 32 bit code for Windows '95 and NT!


Software Name: Moraff's Pinball for Windows 95
Software Version: 1.0
Release Year: 1996
Developer: Steve Moraff
Publisher: Moraffware
License Type: Shareware 
Installation Method: Standalone

System Requirements

Below are the system requirements (sometimes referred to as the minimum system requirements) that the software developer or publisher stated at the time of release.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT Microsoft Windows 95 
Processor: Intel 80486/Intel 486
Processor Speed: --
System Memory: 4 MB
Graphics Requirement: --
Graphics Resolution: --
Hard Disk Space Required: --
Network Requirements: Not Required
Input Devices: Keyboard,Mouse
Sound: Soundcard,Speakers
Disk Drive Requirements: No disk required for operation
Additional Software Required: --
Other Requirements: --

Compatibility Table

Below is a compatiblity table. This table states what operating systems the software can be run upon.

Operating SystemVersion/EditionStatusDateNotes
 Microsoft Windows 3.0
 Microsoft Windows 3.1
 Microsoft Windows 3.11
 Microsoft Windows NT 3.5
 Microsoft Windows 95
 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
 Microsoft Windows 98
 Microsoft Windows 2000
 Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
 Microsoft Windows XP
 Microsoft Windows Vista
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