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99b Beta v3.19 (Build 2569) (1999)
Chat/Instant Messaging Client Popular Software 


This is a beta release of the popular instant messaging/chat client ICQ from 1999. The application installs the following applications to the hard disk:

The following is from the ICQ Help File (Introducing ICQ 99bNew Feautres in ICQ 99b):

ICQ version 99b comes with a number of exciting new features to improve your ICQ experience:

  • ICQ ActiveList enables you to create or join an ICQ community or any number of communities based on a common interest, and easily access them from your ICQ Window. In addition to your original Contact List, you may open your chosen or personally created ICQ ActiveLists and communicate with your friends or associates.
  • ICQ Enhanced Email Check allows you to check more than a single e-mail account and delete incoming e-mail messages you don't want to download at the server of origin. You can view up to 99 lines in the e-mail header message and then decide which messages you'd like to download.
  • E-ICQ allows you to join interest groups and receive information about issues related to these groups via E-ICQ messages.


Software Name: ICQ
Software Version: 99b Beta v3.19 (Build 2569)
Release Year: 1999
Developer: ICQ Inc.
Publisher: ICQ Inc.
License Type: Open Source Freeware 
Installation Method: Install to Local Disk

System Requirements

Below are the system requirements (sometimes referred to as the minimum system requirements) that the software developer or publisher stated at the time of release.

Operating System: -- 
Processor: --
Processor Speed: --
System Memory: --
Graphics Requirement: ---
Graphics Resolution: --
Hard Disk Space Required: --
Network Requirements: Internet Connection
Input Devices: Keyboard,Mouse
Sound: --
Disk Drive Requirements: No disk required for operation
Additional Software Required: --
Other Requirements: none

Compatibility Table

Below is a compatiblity table. This table states what operating systems the software can be run upon.

Operating SystemVersion/EditionStatusDateNotes
 Microsoft Windows 3.0
 Microsoft Windows 3.1
 Microsoft Windows 3.11
 Microsoft Windows NT 3.5
 Microsoft Windows 95
 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
 Microsoft Windows 98
 Microsoft Windows 2000
 Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
 Microsoft Windows XP
 Microsoft Windows Vista
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