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In-Browser Emulation for MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 Software

We really do live in the future.

When I started by forays into playing around with old bits of software it was a requirement that you would need to be competent and patient enough to setup a virtualised environment (such as an emulator or virtual machine) or lucky enough to be in a position to purchase working vintage equipment to enjoy the software you had discovered.

That is no longer the case. Although this is not a complete resolve, and I still highly recommend getting yourself some native equipment if you're getting serious about enjoying old software, in-browser emulation will help speed up the process of testing out new titles without relying on hardware, swapping disks and everything else.

All software emulation is being handled by The Internet Archive. If you like what they are doing then please donate to them! All of the titles listed on this page are ones that I have personally archived, if something doesn't work quite right either leave a comment on the archive entry page or send me an e-mail via the contact link above.

The emulation is restricted to items developed for the MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 operating systems, so don't expect to be playing Grand Theft Auto III or using AOL 8.0 in a web browser, at least not yet.

How to use this Page

At the moment this page is considerably flat in it's design, and can be quite long. Items are organized A-Z, with numbers and symbols at the bottom of the page. You can use the find tool in your browser to jump to a particular item of software, or just scroll and browse.

Warning: Although I do try to make as much of this website accessible to older browsers, do not be surprised when you can't get these emulations to work in anything older than a current browser. This part of the website is not intended for that kind of use.

Software Titles

21st Century Almanac (version 1.01)

21st Century Almanac is an almanac for the "modern man" it includes a large selection of converters, calculators and other similar reference material.

To get it running simply press the power-on button.

Action-Pro (version 1.04)

Action-Pro by Wessex Systems is a "To-Do" management system for Microsoft DOS systems. Released as shareware, the software will have some restrictions to what it can/can't do although it is not made immediately clear within the help documents.

To get it running:

Address Manager (version 2.1d)

Address Manager is a simple address book utility..

To get it running simply press the power-on button, complete the installation (I suggest just the main files) then go back to program manager and start the app..

The AF Book-Keeping Tutorial

AF Book-Keeping Tutorial is a rather bland interactive program for teaching you the ins-and-outs of book-keeping.

To get it running simply press the power-on button.

FileSave for MS Windows 3.x (version 1.2r)

FileSave is a small utility for regularly saving open documents within Windows. Within the emulator is it pretty pointless as it doesn't do much, but you can at least see the options available.

To get it running simply press the power-on button.

SuperBar (version 2.0a)

Superbar is a taskbar utility for Windows 3.1.

To get it running simply press the power-on button, and the application will run.

WinEdit (version 2.0)

WinEdit is a text editor for Windows systems.

To get it running simply press the power-on button, and the setup will run. However getting the software to run after that is a bit tricky. Not a great item for emulation.