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UK Lost Media

Project Outline

I am assuming you have a general understanding of lost media, what it can mean, and also have understanding of the various methodologies to "save" such content.

This project is mainly concerned with television shows, but may expand into other realms later on.

In regards to television: this project aims to provide "matrix tables" of episode information and their status (either saved/lost). Shows have their own individual pages, listed below - click on them to see the relevant matrix. For non-TV stuff the pages will probably be short paragraphs explaining the situation and the media invovled.

How Can I Help?

Everyone loves a hunt right, and a little claim to fame - even if it can be considered rather small. The interest in lost media recovery is constantly growing, and with viral YouTube videos often ending up in peoples feeds there are more people invovled than ever (now including me!).

The truth of the matter is anyone and everyone can join in, often simply by not destroying your old VHS tapes. But armed with a relatively cheap VCR, capture device and some time you too can be on the road to lost media salvation!

But if you want to help specifically with this project, then please simply drop me an email via the details listed on the contact page above.

What am I after? Ultimately if you have any information about a particular item of lost information I would like to know. It doesn't even have to be rescued yet, but if it is - please give detail as to where it has been rescued (e.g. YouTube, Internet Archive etc.).

TV Shows

The UK's affair with television is a long one, and over the decades many thousands of shows have been broadcast to sets across the nation. Some of these shows have been kept in routine circulation by their creators, and have survived the many broadcast methods tecnology brought, but others remain a faint memory in some peoples minds or even worse a simple outline in a TV guide or newspaper somewhere.

Below you will find a number of shows that I have general interest in, and a link to the matrix page that details what is and isn't available.