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VHS Recovery Tracker

VHS is such a neat format, and these little black rectangles can contain so many audiovisual wonders that we are looking for, or never thought we were looking for. In an aim to preserve their magical content I have begun the process of recovering content from them and uploading it publicly for view. This page will act as a tracker of those recoveries, and where possible, provide links so you can enjoy them yourselves!

Tracker Tables Explained

The tables below should be pretty self-explanatory, but if not here is how they work and what the various elements of data mean.


Almost always partial copies taken from VHS tapes recorded from live broadcasts.

Film 96 - Irish Films Spotlight1996-10News - Films6'46GreatYesItem


This has it's very own page - over here.

Everything Else

Usually full transfers of various small-run or promotional tapes included with products.

The 1988 Shell Oils RAC British Open Rally Championship: Highlights of the 1988 Season1988Sport - Rally2'00'20GreatNoItem
BT Interactive Trial Demonstration Video1995Sales11'26GreatYesItem
Carol Vordeman's Video Class National Curriculum Maths Level 6 13 14 Yrs 1991Educational - Math1'32'25GreatNoItem
Everything you wanted to know about PC's but were too afraid to ask - Volume 11998Educational - Computers1'31'45GreatNoItem
Fly 50 Glorious Years1989History - Aviation58'57GreatNoItem
Highlights of The Canadian Rockies1998Item
Renault Adventures of Woosh Road Safety200?Educational - Road Safety25'53GreatNoItem
Thomson & Morgan - Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes & Containers1992Educational - Gardening55'45GreatYesItem
Samsung 35mm Compact Cameras Instruction Supplement1996Educational - Photography11'03GreatNoItem