A celebration of old computer technology

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Welcome one and all, to the resurrected Computer Legacy website. A home for all of my various projects relating to the wonders of old computer technology and related gubbins.

Over the years of owning this domain, I have attempted to put it to various uses..

  • A website celebrating the wonders of shareware software from the 1990s
  • A website database to catalogue physical CD-ROM releases
  • A website to provide metadata on various bits of Windows software

All of which didn't really go anywhere special, and about 4-5 years ago I retired the website entirely however now is the time for it to come back, and act as a main portal for various projects, big or small, that I am working on.

Current Projects

Projects I am currently working on, towards a state of "completion".

Infinite Projects

These are projects I'm working on that likely have no end

Completed, Abandoned and Future Projects?

Monuments of achievement and disappointment reside here.