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Consider this page to be a kind of journal of what I've been up to. Most entries will only be a line or two long, and usually with a link to view the related content.

Item's are organized from newest to oldest.

25th August 2023 - Woman Magazine 2nd August 1986

A 600dpi scan of this weekly magazine, check it out on Internet Archive.

11th August 2023 - Video Game Trailers from OPSM 59

5 video game trailers that I captured using DuckStation from Official UK PlayStation Magazine disc 59; covers Hogs of War, In Cold Blood, Star Ocean: The Second Story, Silent Bomber and Vampire Hunter D.

10th August 2023 - Psygnosis Release Catalogue September-December '98

Turns out I scanned this years ago and never uploaded it, here it is on Internet Archive in 1200dpi.

10th August 2023 - Auto Express Issue 387 (March 8-14 1996)

Another car magazine scan, this time Auto Express Issue 387 and covers a wide variety of motoring topics including a look at the (later cancelled) Mazda RX-01. On the Internet Archive for your viewing pleasure

9th August 2023 - Brownie Magazines

Picked up a load of magazines recently, and at the bottom of the bag were a few copies of the Brownie magazine, which would have been sold to Brownie members. Each magazine is a short publication covering various Brownie related news, a few stories and activities.

Issues uploaded in this batch are

6th August 2023 - Issue 86 (June-August 2000)

This was a massive project, and is likely the largest print item I have archived to date (at 1126 pages). This is true ephemera, as this catalogue was soon due to be thrown into a skip as part of an office clear out. Luckily for all of us that care, I saved this and have kept it in my possession for nearly 10 years. Due to it being so tightly bound, the only method for scanning it in any kind of sensible manner was to cut the spine and remove each page individually, but I'm happy with the results and it's now available for everyone to enjoy, check it out here on the Internet Archive.

1st August 2023 - Windsor Castle Guide Book (1977)

A digital scan of an old guide book for Windsor Castle, check it out.

31st July 2023 - Cotswold Wild Life Park Guide (1973)

Another digital scan of a tourism guide for the Cotswold Wild Life Park, from 1973 - check it out.

30th July 2023 - Cotswold Wild Life Park Guide (197?)

A digital scan of a tourism guide for the Cotswold Wild Life Park, from sometime in the 1970s - check it out.

30th July 2023 - Harwich & Dovercourt Official Guide and Map 2013

Found in a charity shop in a box of assorted books, was this 10 year old guide for Harwich & Dovercourt - check it out.

27th July 2023 - AOL 5.0 Guide (Jungle Theme)

These exist into the millions, however no one has ever really bothered to preserve them. Here is an insight to AOL in 2000 with a "jungle" theme.

27th July 2023 - Corfe Castle Guide (1970)

Another tourism guide, this time for Corfe Castle from 1970. Check it out on Internet Archive.

24th July 2023 - Lavenham Guide and History Book (1973)

A short 16-page publication about Lavenham it's attractions and history, on Internet Archive here.

24th July 2023 - Arundel Castle Guide Book (1970)

A tourism guide book for Arundel Castle from 1970; on Internet Archive.

23rd July 2023 - Sissinghurst Castle Garden National Trust Guide (1983)

A digital scan of a Natioanl Trust guide for Sissinghurst Castle Garden; available now on Internet Archive.

4th July 2023 - Practical Mechanics (October 1961)

A digital scan of Practical Mechanics from October 1961, without its cover but available on Internet Archive.

29th June 2023 - Undercover Customs Operation Barbecue (2003)

A digital VHS rip of this TV show broadcast sometime in 2004 on Sky Travel, on Internet Archive.

28th June 2023 - A large selection of Video Game Trailers

All found on a promotional DVD-ROM, here are a selection of video game trailers from 2006 in varying levels of quality (oh and one advert?).

16th June 2023 - Sunday Magazine (12th January 1982)

Another issue of this magazine, this time from 12th January 1982 - check it out here.

16th June 2023 - Autocar & Motor (10th March 1993)

A digital copy of this motoring magazine which covers the release of the then new Vauxhall Corsa, check it out here.

31st May 2023 - Viva Las Vegas, four tourism based captures

I think the original curator of this tape was pining to go to Vegas at some point, I hope they got there. Thanks to their delectable tastes we have four tourism-based programmes captured regarding Las Vegas:

30th May 2023 - Two Glenn Miller Programmes Captured

Now that I have an agreeable method for capturing content from my VCR directly to my PC (i.e. not via DVD recordable disc), I can begin the process of saving any content I find on VHS tapes. Both found on a single tape, here are two programmes about Glenn Miller:

25th May 2023 - More Teletext Stuff

Some more recoveries have been completed, including two wonderful recoveries from late 1994 and a couple of promising recoveries from 2008. Along with that I've started creating some guides to help get others started and a page cataloguing all the types of home-recordable tapes that I encounter..

10th April 2023 - In-Browser Emulation

A few more titles have been added to the in-browser emulation page, check out the list.

20th March 2023 - First Sky Text Recovery

Woo-hoo, finally a half-decent recovery from a movie recorded from Sky's movie channel Sky Premier. This one is from 20th August 2000 - I'm still in the process of cleaning up the final file; but the originals are there already. Teletext Recovery Project

7th February 2023 - Recovery Media Page

I have created a page to document the various bits of recovery media I have archived, check it out here.

17th December 2022 - One more teletext recovery

A recovery from ITV for both 26th September 1993 and 22nd September 1993 has been posted. Not the best recovery, a lot of garbage data due to poor quality picture; but restorable, which is in progress.

4th December 2022 - More Emulation and Failed Teletext Recoveries

I've made some more progress in getting a number of MS-DOS and Win3.1 items that I uploaded to The Internet Archive enabled for emulation, check that out here.

I also sat down earlier to do some Teletext captures, but something went awry and turns out I've captured about 3 hours of effectively nothing; so that needs reviewing.

29th November 2022 - A Teletext and a CEEFAX Recovery

Two rather large recoveries here. A Teletext recovery from 30th August 2003 for the East Anglia region consisting of an eye watering 3957 pages (including loads of test pages, holiday listings, sports results, event listings and more!) and a CEEFAX recovery that spans two dates with the last 15 minutes of 27th July 1997 and the first few hours of the following 28th July, comprising of a healthy 1167 pages. Check it out!

28th November 2022 - New CEEFAX Recovery

I have finalised (to the best of my ability) a big recovery from the 8th July 1997 for CEEFAX. It includes 1137 pages (according to Meddler SE), and covers everything from news, finance, children's, music, tv listings and more! Check it out on the teletext page for the entry under jvc-3.vbi.

3rd November 2022 - CarWeek - Issue Eight

Quite proud of this (except that one page is upside down, which I will fix). I found this old motoring newspaper at a car boot. Normally magazines are the things to survive, and these papers are often lost to time. This issue from Wednesday 13th October 1993 covers cars that are not being displayed at the 1993 London Motor Show, so plenty of (then) "new" cars being featured such as the upcoming Ford VX62 MPV (later named the Ford Galaxy), a concept Ferrari F130 (later named the Ferrari F50), the new Nissan Silvia (incorrectly written here as Sylvia), the Jaguar X300 concept (a replacement for the Jaguar XJ6 and XJ12), the new Fiat Spider (later named Fiat Barchetta) and an unnamed Mercedes-Benz "SUV" (later the Mercedes-Benz M-Class). Along with that there are articles on the new Toyota Celica, Lexus GS300, Chevrolet Camaro V8 Convertible, Dodge Viper, a comparison between the Citroen AX D, Daihatsu Charade, Vauxhall Corsa E-Drive and Corsa TD, the Saab 900S, British racing driver Jim Clark, BTCC coverage and Formula 1 coverage.

To be archived is the second part of this issue, CarWeek2, which appears to be mostly about used-car purchasing, guides and price indexes.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

23rd October 2022 - Sunday Magazine (4th July 1982)

Slowly working my way through scanning this small pack of Sunday Magazine that I picked up about a year ago. Still unsure as to what these were originally included with, but I'd hazard a guess at The Sun newspaper.

This issue features the typical fare, a lot of era-accurate advertisments (covering things like John Player Special Kingsize, Sirocco Miniwash dishwasher, Vision saucepans, Black and Decker gardening equipment, New World System One oven, British Telecom Telemessage, State Express 555 cigarrettes and a bundle of small adverts for various brochures and catalogues (which you know I would love to have to archive!)), some select TV listings for the coming week, various celebrity gossip pieces and a small amount of competitions and mail-in offers.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

20th September 2022 - Guards International Motor Show 200 Car Races

This one is for the motorsport fans, an event programme for the Guards International Motor Show at Brands Hatch on Sunday 19th October 1969.

Considering the age of this programme, all pages were in good condition for scanning; and aside from some wonky printing (common for these low-run, cheap to produce items) all very legible.

Some fantastic old advertisments in this little programme for Dunlop tyres, Lotus cars, Rootes group cars, Firestone tyres, Guards cigarettes and more. Along with that are podium placements for the races, although the results have not been completed.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

2nd September 2022 - Festival of Speed Ipswich Sept. 22nd and Sea Angler Guide to Summer Boat Fishing

Firstly another event programme from the collection I recently obtained. This covers the Festival of Speed event at Spedeworth, Ipswich on 22nd September 1968 (year is assumed).

My original copy was very worn and tattered, so I have done the best to scan it and preserve it going forwards. As with many of these programmes it mostly contains podium positions and results tables (which are blank).

A lot of the print on the pages are not straight, and that's not a fault of the scanner - it's wonky on the original. Aside from that not too much here to look at, unless you're eager to do some research on local motorsport in Suffolk, England!

Check it out on The Internet Archive

Then we have the Sea Angler Guide to Summer Boat Fishing which appears to have been a pack in with the Sea Angler magazine. Admittedly I have very little interest in fishing, or anything related to it - and only picked this up as it was part of a collection of other ephemera.

36 pages of tips and tricks for any sea-bound fisherman. Unsure of the date but I'd guess sometime in the 1990s.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

10th August 2022 - A Guide to Canterbury Cathedral (24th Impression)

A simple guide for a national attraction, Canterbury Cathedral. This is the 24th impression, but doesn't indicate any possible date.

Scanned in black and white due to there being no colour aside from the coloured card used for the cover.

Lot's of great photographs, drawings and information about the cathedral within this booklet.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

14th August 2022 - Brands Hatch Guards International Motor Show '200' - 20th October 1968

The first of a selection of motor show programmes that I have recently obtained. This one is for the Guards International Motor Show '200' at Brands Hatch on Sunday 20th October 1968.

My original is in good condition and was easy to scan. Contained within are various articles about motor-sport, podium positions, results tables (mostly blank), and a small selection of motoring advertisments.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

6th August 2022 - Norfolk Lavender Fragrant Plants & Lavenders Catalogue 1999

From a collection of ephemera I picked up recently, we have a catalogue for plants and plant related gifts.

Lot's of pictures and information about various variants of Lavender, and from page 19 a selection of gardening gifts.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

20th June 2022 - Which? Gardening Magazine Miniguide - Vegetables for Beginners

A short guide that was included with an unknown 2006 issue of Which? Gardening magazine, that covers various tips and tricks to growing vegetables. Useful stuff!

Check it out on The Internet Archive

17th May 2022 - Hyundai Range Brochure 2002

Adding to the existing Automotive Brochures collection on the archive, we have the 2002 Hyundai range brochure for the UK market.

Covering the models of the Amica, Getz, Accent, Elantra, Sonata, XG30, Matrix, Trajet, Coupé and Santa Fe, with a short overview of each model.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

14th May 2022 - Britannia Home Video Catalogue (1997)

An interesting piece of ephemera, this is a holiday catalogue that was crammed inside a music magazine I brought. It lists various videotapes that one could order via mail and covers a wide selection of titles.

More importantly it has brought to my attention the existence of a magazine they prodcued that I cannot find any record of online (archived or unarchived).

Check it out on The Internet Archive

4th May 2022 - Sunday Magazine (10th January 1982)

Another scan of these Sunday Magazine issues, this time from 10th January 1982.

All very similar in content a few TV listings, a lot of advertisments and a selection of "gossip" articles.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

3rd May 2022 - HTC HD2 Ringtones and Wallpapers

As mentioned on Projects, I have a lot of old mobile phones, they're just kinda neat. But I do also need to let some of them go to do other things.

This HD2 was one such example and before it went to it's next destination I thought to quickly back-up its ringtones, notification tones and wallpapers, for propserity and because some of them are kinda nice.

Check the ringtones pack out on The Internet Archive

Check the wallpapers pack out on The Internet Archive

21 April 2022 - Microsoft NetShow Items

A few items I found relating to Microsoft NetShow, which from my understanding was an early way of providing multimedia content over the internet.

The first item is the On-Demand player, which allows you to play back NetShow projects (in .ASF format). The second item is a PDF conversion of the documentation for using NetShow, original files are included.

The third item are the On-Demand Tools which includes an ASF Editor for authoring "illustrated audio" content, and some conversion utilities that allow you to convert AVI, MOV and WAV files to ASF.

Check the viewer out on The Internet Archive

Check the documentation out on The Internet Archive

Check the tools out on The Internet Archive

12 April 2022 - Classic and Vintage Commercials Volume 2 Number 4 (December 1996)

A magazine that I was given about classic and vintage commercial vehicles, scanned in at 1200dpi for your viewing pleasure.

Not your typical motoring magazine, this publication is rather serious and to the point.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

25th March 2022 - More AOL Items Archived

Four items, two CD-ROMs and two paper guides archived.

The CD-ROMs are for AOL 6.0 (SKU ADD103CD3) and AOL 5.0 (SKU ADDC50). Nothing special with these CD-ROMs, just very typical AOL sign-up stuff.

The guides are slightly more interesting, and accompany the CD's listed above. "Your handy guide to using ALL NEW AOL 6.0" is a 8 panel fold-out guide, processed into a book format for easy reading, that covers the new features in version 6.0. "AOL 5.0 Guide Book" is a similar fold-out leaflet that simply covers various functions within the AOL 5.0 software package. Both include some tasty screenshots of various AOL channels.

Check the 5.0 CD-ROM out on The Internet Archive

Check the 5.0 Guide out on The Internet Archive

Check the 6.0 CD-ROM out on The Internet Archive

Check the 6.0 Guide out on The Internet Archive

19th February 2022 - Sunbeam Recipe and Instruction Book for Removable Control Appliances

A 60 page recipe booklet that was included with the sale of various Sunbeam appliances.

Covers a lot of 1960s era food over different cuisines.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

23rd January 2022 - MultiPath Movie Player

An archive of the executables and program files for MultiPath Movie Player, including some terribly wonky sample videos.

Highly recommended!

Check it out on The Internet Archive

19th January 2022 - Viking Books Catalog (May-August 1997)

A scan of the catalog for Viking Books new releases for May to August 1997. Lot's of interesting information, likely intended for trade purposes that covers a wide range of titles and genres.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

11th July 2021 - Picturegoer (15th April 1950)

A digital scan of this classic British film magazine from the 1950's.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

7th February 2021 - Microforum Product Catalog 1995

A quick conversion from the kings of shovelware Microforum's interactive catalog to a PDF format for in browser viewing. Feast your eyes upon 22 pages of highly dithered techno trash.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

16th January 2021 - Acclaim Europe "The State of Play" Catalogue (1999)

A digital scan of a short catalogue produced by Acclaim Entertainment covering a selection of titles for the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Gameboy and Nintendo 64.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

28th December 2020 - Abbey National Action Savers Club Magazine Issue 15

Found effectively in the trash, I have managed to archive this "free for members" magazine from Abbey National Building Society. I have no other issues, if you do and are wanting to assist please contact me with details as I'm interested in completing this collection.

Check it out on The Internet Archive

23rd July 2018 - Suzuki SA 310 Motor Supplement (1984)

Here we have a road test supplement conducted by Motor magazine, from 1984. One of my earliest digital archival works.

Check it out on The Internet Archive